Selling your home: How to stage your home for a quick sale

Did you ever wonder why comparable homes sell faster and for more money than yours? It might be the other home was “staged”. Homes that are prepared to show have more buyer demand regardless of the market conditions. Home staging is trending and one of the most watched television and social media topics. Staging a house to sell captures the emotional aspect of buying a home and gets the seller more money faster.

Staging means to allow potential buyers to see themselves in the home. Of course, you do that through the way it’s set up. That means moving out of sight some of your personal items and clutter that could prevent that from happening. The less non-essential things in view the better for the purpose of staging to sell.

Consider one of these three options and levels of staging.

1. Ask friends for help!

The least expensive, free, is to ask family or a friend to walk through the house as if they were buying it. They can give you their opinion and point out ideas to de-clutter.

2. Partner with your realtor

As a Realtor, I have experience with staging and provide references for painters, plumbers, and other potential buyers concerns. I know who does it well in the Cedar Rapids/Marion/Robins/Hiawatha market. We may discuss paint colors, removing wallpaper, or moving furniture to create a more emotional appeal to buyers. Good realtors know the market and the condition of the homes currently for sale. When listing a home, I pay for the home stager as part of my professional services.

3. Hire your own home stager

Find somebody who knows how to stage a home and hire them directly.

My best home staging tips to sell homes quickly!

A few tips when preparing your house for sale:

  1. Neutralize wall and flooring colors.
  2. De-clutter all kitchen counters, bath vanities, dressers
  3. Ask someone who does not live in the house if there are any smells or dirty items they may see that you may not.
  4. Storage bins, closet organizers, and shelves create more sense of space.

We want the buyer to picture themselves in their future home. Remember, you are moving! Remember, buyers are buying SPACE! Since you are moving anyway, start packing. One third less stuff and open closet space will make your house seem larger.

Once you are ready to sell, I will send the homes you will be competing with by email for you to view. Searching the webin your area and price is another option to view how your competition looks on line. This will give you a check up on if you are positioned for the market and how to sell NEXT. Looking at the other homes for sale through the buyer’s perspective will help you know if the home is ready and staged according.

Having the home staged with professional photography will be worth the effort when you arrive at the closing table!

For home stage photos and checklists, you can view my Pinterest page.

Staging a home is not about deception. It’s about making it easier for the potential buyer to see themselves in the home. That’s hard to do with too many personal things of the current owners cluttered around. Staging well is a win-win for the seller and the buyer.